The Swedish Association for small and medium-sized companies active in R&D

The purpose of the association is:

- To ensure that small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies have an optimal environment in which to grow and develop

- To stimulate co-operation between the member companies

- To offer the member companies good information and service

IML presently has 20 member companies. The member companies are all active internationally.

The secretariat is based in Göteborg and can be contacted at the following address:

Secretariat Address:

Box 9130
SE-400 93 Göteborg
Phone +46-(0)31-748 49 61
Fax +46-(0)31-28 36 20


Jan G Smith
Abigo Medical AB
Ekonomivägen 5,
SE-436 33 Askim
Telephone: +46-(0)31-748 49 50